Childhood is very important stage in a human life . In a childhood stage The child’s abilities are developed , his talent are opened , and be vulnerable , guided and formation . Researches and studies approved the seriousness of this stage and importance in building the character and identifying the future . Early childhood is most important stage in human life because of its flexibility , learning ability , and growth of different skills and abilities , including that the children tend to guess , exploring and experiment .

Play considered as a distinctive feature of these children , taking a large part of their time . And play is one of the ways in which children resort to express their feelings in concrete or tangible to the things that caused them the conflict and frustration and psychological tension, especially that these children difficult to express those feelings in words.

Because our children are our future, the SAR has started a number of activities, including Syrian children, in a number of areas where the Syrian child is located under the title “You are Our Joy“. The goal is to remove the children from the stressful environment in which they live and practice their childhood Like other children of the world.