We as ateam in (SAR) and because we are confidence that the future is better and because also conference in a ability of Syrian children to achievement,  so our goal was introduced alot of activities for those children whether in Syria or in Turkey. Where for example we are first who established  amusement park in Korbet AlJoss camps to be a modest gift for them through Holy Adha Eid yo change their mood in tents that live in it, and to forget some sadness. As well we had set up many activities in Otmeh town and its camps and in addition to held many events during Adha Eid in Antakya and Al Rehania, where we could to shared 3000 children their happy day and providing alot of gifts to them also have set up entertainment activities and  interspersting competition. For our children we need help you….. For better future we need help you. Be with us to be with them. Share us our compaigns because we trust in our children…. and we trust that the future is better.